A convenient loan for Holy Communion

Undoubtedly, the period of the first communion of saints is a difficult time in financial terms, both for parents and the family of children joining this ceremony. So we often look for financial help in various non-bank companies or in banks. We usually use bank loans or various payday loans, which can be repaid within a month or in the increasingly popular installment system.

Holy Communion

Communion celebrations are celebrated in May. Depending on the particular parish, the date is set practically every week, starting from the first weekend of the month. Sending Holy Communion is undoubtedly associated with large expenses related to the ceremony itself and the purchase of a gift for a child entering the sacrament.

That is why it is worth preparing properly and providing additional cash.

Non-bank loan

Non-bank loan

  • The amount from PLN 1,000 to PLN 15,000
  • For a period of 3 to 36 months
  • Money on your account in 15 minutes
  • First loan up to PLN 15,000 for free

In addition, it is also worth considering where to get extra cash, and when will we want to repay the liability – within a month or several months? If we have a positive credit history and our financial capacity is satisfactory, we can go to a bank branch and take advantage of the cash loan offer.

Convenient monthly installments

This is a beneficial solution, because we can conveniently pay back the money borrowed in monthly installments. It is worth emphasizing that in order to receive a loan, we do not have to go to the bank’s office. More and more financial institutions grant loans remotely, i.e. like online loans .

Non-bank loan

Non-bank loan

  • The amount from PLN 800 to PLN 25,000
  • Flexible system of convenient installments
  • Repayment from 3 to 48 months
  • Money on your account in 15 minutes

We check the amount of the monthly repayment commitment

It is worth emphasizing that before we choose a specific loan offer, we can check the amount of the monthly repayment obligation on the websites of individual banks. This will allow us to know in which financial institution we have the chance for the lowest installment. By providing the loan amount and repayment period, the website will generate for us the amount of the monthly installment that the bank can offer us.

Online non-bank loan


  • The amount from PLN 100 to PLN 25,000
  • Repayment period from 5 days to 12 months
  • Short processing time
  • Fast money withdrawal

We fill out the application and loan

If we decide to choose a specific offer, all you have to do is fill out the appropriate application on the website, and then we must wait for a phone contact from the bank representative. However, we must be aware that the bank will almost certainly require us to confirm our income.

This is needed to assess our financial standing.

It is worth noting that this does not necessarily mean additional formalities in the form of presentation of documents issued by the employer. If our withdrawal affects the bank account in which we will apply for a loan, then most often you only need a bank statement. This is usually enough for the bank to assess our financial standing.

We can generate such a document ourselves and send it to the bank electronically, or after printing, send it by traditional mail, post or courier.

Internet payday loan

  • The amount from PLN 600 to PLN 3,500
  • Repayment period from 2 to 6 weeks
  • Every fifth loan without costs
  • Cash in 10 minutes on account

The money after acceptance is transferred to our account

After completing all necessary formalities, funds from the activated loan will be transferred by the bank to our account. In the case of loans granted online, we can count on a maximum of PLN 10,000. With larger amounts, a visit to a bank outlet is already necessary.

If, for various reasons, we cannot take advantage of a bank loan, we can only look for luck in various non-bank companies. However, we should carefully study the offers of individual companies, and then choose the one that is most favorable to us. In addition, it is worth remembering that you should choose a reliable and safe company.

We should attach great importance to the terms and date of repayment. If we care about repayment spread over several months, we can, for example, take advantage of installment loans .

Online loans

Online loan,money dollar

If we care about time and want to get a cash transfer to your account within a few minutes, we can use the offer of companies that grant loans online. All formalities can be done remotely. You do not need any certificates or documents.

All you need is an identity card, a mobile phone and an active bank account.

In the case of non-bank loans that are granted via the Internet, it is worth paying attention to the costs that in most cases are given before the application for a loan, so we can compare offers of specific companies.

To choose a specific offer, we can use a convenient tool, which is a financial comparison tool, which will help us analyze the conditions of granting a loan in various, competitive companies. It should also be remembered that the cost of such loans will be higher than those from banks and therefore relatively higher monthly installments.

Non-bank loan


  • The amount from 1,000 PLN to 10,000 PLN
  • For up to 24 months
  • Attractive interest rate
  • Money on your account in a few days

If we earn quite well and we are aware that we will be able to quickly repay the commitment, we may be tempted to take a payday loan . However, we must be aware that thanks to the payday loan we will borrow up to PLN 1,500, provided that the money borrowed in this way will be returned within 30 days.

Of course, it is possible to extend the repayment deadline, subject to the payment of an additional fee.

If we know that we will have trouble paying back the loan within 30 days, we can take advantage of the offer of companies that offer loans for a longer period of time.

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