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Non-bank lenders tempt customers with the vision of receiving money even within 15 minutes. Although you can take a popular payday loan 100 percent online, and the credit assessment procedure is abducted to the maximum, it may happen that you will have to wait up to 2 business days for the loan. When can the process of receiving additional funds be extended? How can the lender fund your account as soon as possible?

The path to receiving additional funds is usually as follows:

  • choice of the amount and repayment deadline;
  • registration and sending of a loan application with basic information about yourself (personal data, address of residence, a declaration on the amount and source of income, etc.);
  • confirming your identity by making a transfer to your loan company’s account or using an application that allows you to check your personal data without a transfer;
  • examining the application and issuing a loan decision;
  • withdrawing money from the loan to the indicated bank account.

Do you need a loan with bad credit from us?

If you want to get a loan with bad credit, it’s worth at first learn more about PlusLend. Appropriate knowledge is therefore not only a guarantee of security but also a quick transfer of funds.

One of the criteria for choosing a lender is the payout rate. Bad credit loans are often used to finance unplanned expenses that they simply can’t wait. Car breakdown, the need to buy a new mobile phone, pay for an expensive medical visit or expensive medicines. In such situations, money is needed already, and preferably yesterday. What determines the time from the start of submitting an application to receiving funds to your account is whether the lender has an account with our bank. In this case, the whole process can close even in 15-20 minutes.

Necessary documents

Necessary documents

Although most loan companies grant payday loans as proof and without income statements, there are also those that require the borrower to provide additional documents. This can be, for example, a scan of your ID card, employment, and earnings certificate, or a bank statement. Such requirements may delay the time of receiving the loan. After all, you need to ask for a certificate from a competent person from your workplace, and scanning your ID requires … having a scanner that everyone does not have. If you want to shorten the rate of receiving payday loans, reach for the one you take on your ID card.

Application verification hours

If you need cash as soon as possible, please also pay attention to the loan companies’ working hours and application verification times. There are lenders who, thanks to the maximum automation of systems, process applications 24 hours a day. By using their services you will take out a loan “immediately”.

Important verification

Another key factor that significantly affects the rate of receipt of funds is how to verify your personal data. The identity verification procedure is aimed at protecting both parties to the contract and eliminating fraud involving the taking out of loans for stolen or phishing personal data. Appropriate performance can shorten the waiting time for money by up to several minutes.

The most popular way to verify data is to make a transfer to the lender’s account. Its amount is symbolic and depending on the company ranges from 0.01 to 1 PLN. Once the money is credited to the lender’s account, it will be possible to check whether the account owner details match those entered in the application. If the personal details are identical, the lender will proceed to the next stage of analyzing the application, issue a decision and payout the funds. If the data differ, the application will be rejected.

The key to a quick transfer is, therefore, to make a verification transfer to the account in the bank where you own the account. A transfer within the same financial institution will be processed almost immediately. And this means that the lender will be able to make a decision and withdraw funds really expressly. Sending money to your bank account shouldn’t be a problem. Each of the lenders currently has several, and often even a dozen or so accounts at various banks. The real record holder, however, is Wonga, which has over 20 of them.

An alternative to data verification by bank transfer is to use the application that allows you to check your identity without a verification transfer. This solution offers clients a dozen or so lenders.

Applications quickly and securely connect to the borrower’s bank account, providing the lender with the necessary data.

You do not have to install additional software on your computer to use such tools. You will verify through the website of the loan company when applying for a quick loan. Before you start checking the data by the application, prepare only the login details for electronic banking: login and password.

How long are the individual stages?

1. Registration + completing the application
The registration process on the loan company’s website should not take more than a few minutes. In order to borrow money, it is necessary to provide the lender with only basic information about yourself: personal data, address, social security number, ID card number, amount and source of income. The time needed: a few minutes.

2. Perform verification
After completing and sending the application, you will need to verify your identity. When making a transfer to the account of a loan company, don’t forget to include in the title the formula required by the lender, e.g. “I confirm registration and agree to loan agreement No. …”. You will receive all the data necessary to make the transfer from the lender. Don’t forget to choose the bank account from your bank account. Thanks to this you will receive money even within a few minutes. If you make a transfer to an account in another bank, the whole process may take up to 2 business days. The time needed: from a few minutes to 2 business days

3. Assessment of the application by the loan company
Once the money is credited to the loan company’s account, it will be possible to examine the application and issue a decision. This usually happens within a few minutes of a positive verification result. The time needed: a few minutes.

4. Payment of funds
The pace of withdrawal, as well as the time when the decision is made, depends on the bank in which your account is located. If the lender’s account is in the same bank as yours, you will receive the money from the loan within a few minutes. If the accounts are located in other banks, you will have to wait for additional funds even 1 business day. Some companies pay loans using systems. The time needed: from a few minutes to 1 day.

When looking for online loans granted immediately, be sure to pay attention to the number of costs – they should be the basic criterion for selecting an offer. Although at present in many loan companies they are at a fairly similar level, you can still find loans a little cheaper than the market average.

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